The I.M.B. (Insertable Manual Brush) is our most economical solution for cleaning your perforated filter screen without having to disassemble the whole unit! The frequent screen removal usually required to clean your filter screen is greatly reduced with the introduction of CTC's I.M.B. assembly.


The I.M.B. is simple to use. With the filter depressurized, open the flush valve, insert the brush into the blow-off port in the head (Note: the blow-off port must not be reduced), rotate the brush handle clockwise as you advance the brush into the screen until it stops, pull the brush out continue to rotate it clockwise until you reach the head. Remove the brush, turn on the water, allow the loose debris to flush from the screen, close the valve, and begin irrigating again!


Being slightly larger than the screen inside diameter, the I.M.B. creates a "sweeping" motion along the screen surface and is therefore extremely effective in removing debris.