Since 1984, CTC's B.I.G. (Blue Inline Gasketed) Series irrigation filters have provided reliable service to our customers! Many units have been in service for 15 years or more! Unlike powder coating, the durable epoxy coating used to protect our filters can be touched up or easily removed and reapplied to extend the life of your filter.


Featuring the largest units in the industry, we can save you space, time, and money by utilizing a single filter for flow rates of 3200+ gpm!! Available in threaded (3", 4", 6") AND flanged (3" to 12") connection models; offered in mild or stainless steel construction, these versatile irrigation water filters are appropriate for most installations. Custom made piping and manifolds can be designed for "gang" installations, calming sections for high flow/turbulance systems are also available.


Each CTC filter can be retrofitted with a cleaning accessory to save you time, energy, and money! Our "bolt-on" head design allows for high pressure installation while maintaing easy access to the screen, and permiting replacement of the head and inlet pieces should they become worn.