B.W.B (Bag With Basket) Series Filters are specifically designed for micro and drip irrigation systems! CTC's B.W.B. filters feature an exceptionally generous filtering area to provide very low pressure drop rates, positive pressure gasket seal for basket and bag to body, weed trap to stop large debris, a 1" NPTF drain plug for winterization, and is completely customizable like ALL of our filters!



Double epoxy coated body, 1/16" perforated stainless steel basket, high quality synthetic mesh bags, and pressure guage ports are standard on each unit. Our exclusive compression clamp design makes clean out a breeze! Simply give the handle a few turns to loosen the cap, remove the cap, pull out the bag and basket, dump debris, rinse with clear water if needed, and reinstall. Just a few moments of your time and NO TOOLS REQUIRED, your drip irrigation filter will be running again in no time.