Our Self Cleaning Suction Screen (S.C.S.2) units are engineered to last! The cage is of heavy steel construction with reinforcement bars which hinder collapse, picking eyes are added for easy installation and removal, then it's sandblasted and double epoxy-coated to ensure a long life. The stainless steel screen is available in many sizes; please call us to help you choose the right size for your application (not all sizes are fisheries compliant).


The S.C.S.uses a unique, rugged rotating spray bar assembly to continually remove trash, organic debris, and floating solids from the outside of the pump suction screen installed in waste water pools, streams, canals, rivers, and ponds. Just 30psi is required to operate the spray bars! Seals and bearings for salt water and harsh environments are available! Ours is the only suction screen successfully used in "manure lagoons"!


CTC's self cleaning intake suction screen can be installed in any position without impacting performance. Offered in 24 standard sizes with specially-sized pressure filters to provide spray bars with a clean water source. Don't trust your pump protection to a copy, use the first, use the best!