Automatic (or self) Screening Water Boxes by Custom Technology Company! This simple, yet effective method to screen trash and debris from your water source was designed to require little to no maintenance so our customers can concentrate on more important things.




The source water is gravity fed into the water box inlet through the spreader which broadcasts water over the screen, separating the trash, and the screened water falls through the into the tank below ready for use in your sprinklers. The debris left on the screen is forced toward the edge of the incline by force of the water falling from the spreader; in most cases, the debris will fall away on its own. A float valve shuts off the water supply when the tank reaches capacity, though an overflow outlet is available upon request.






Also available are motorized rotary brush screen boxes! All stainless steel construction, available in gravity or pressure feed configurations. A heavy-duty motor and gearbox continuously rotates a set of coarse brushes across the semi-circular screen, sweeping debris from the surface and ensuring continuous flow through the screen into the tank below. Please call us for more details!