Our innovative design allows CTC's cleaning accessories to be installed into existing Custom Technology filters, as well as competitor's filters, making our cleaning accessories truly modular! No special adaptors necessary, it's really "plug and play" for manual and automatic filter brushes and vacuums.

BEFORE - 10" BIG Model 3 Filter screen required cleaning multiple times per day for which the orchardist did not have enough laborers. They elected to upgrade their system with an Automatic Vacuum Cleaner which automatically initiates a cleaning and flush cycle when the screen becomes dirty.



AFTER - No modifications are required to install our modular filter cleaning accessories. Simply remove the existing filter head/screen, slide the new cleaning accessory assembly into the body, bolt it together, install the provided low pressure line to the body, and plug it in to standard 120V AC power.



ALSO FOR GNG'S AND TIG'S - Available for each of our three filter series. Simple, fast and effective, our modular systems are designed to save you time and money.