Custom Technology's sulfur burner units are an effective, cost efficient solution to lower the pH of your soil without the use of expensive commercially available acids or difficult to apply solids. Our sulfur burner system will substantially lower yearly per acre treatment costs! Whether you need to balance the soil pH, reduce sodium saturation in the ground, or increase protein content in crops such as alfalfa and corn, our sulfurous acid generators can save you money!


Soil pH is extremely important in all crops, and not just the organically grown. The pH level of your soil determines the availability of nutrients, the ability of the plants to absorb those nutrients, the ability of the soil to transmit water, it affects crop yield and quality, as well as the activity level of decomposers which break down organic matter in the soil. When using solid sulfur, 1,000 to 2,000 pounds of sulfur chips/nuggets per acre are needed to reduce the sodium saturation of the soil; this is expensive, it's difficult to apply evenly and can take months to years to see the effects. Direct application to the soil and the roots via sulfurous acid into your water supply is simply more efficient and effective, this is where CTC's sulfurous acid generators can help!


Here's how it works: The CTC Sulfur Burner heats sulfur chips to liquid, the gas emitted from this process enters a carefully designed mixing valve which mixes the gases with clean water, and deposits the newly formed sulfurous acid into a collection tank, which is then added to your main water line to be distributed over the soil, into a collection pond, or over manure conveyors.


Our sulfurous acid generators are also used to control algae growth in ponds and can help to remove calcium buildup from sprinklers and irrigation lines!The benefits are many. Call us today to discuss how we can help you!




 Prilled sulfur as used in our burners.

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