For over 20 years, Custom Technology Company has designed and fabricated DPA Dipper (DPA Drencher) systems all over the Northwest. Our unique multi-tank system minimizes cross-mixing and eliminates the possibility of operator induced contamination through a carefully designed, electronically actuated pump and piping system. There are no valves for the operator to be concerned with, all tank switches are controlled via an easy to use control panel.


A high volume drencher head combined with our electronically adjustable side nozzles ensure complete bin core treatment! The drencher head creates a continuous flow curtain of solution over the bin stacks, while the side nozzles spray into the space between the bins. This process eliminates the need for slow conveyor treatment methods without sacrficing coverage.


As the solution drains from the treated bins, it is diverted into the collection pit and pumped through a filtration unit before being returned to the tank from which it came. This action reduces contamination of the DPA solution to maximize the number of treatments per tank. Our unique liquid agitation system within each tank maintains proper solution concentration levels even when the tanks are not in use.




Growing conditions in Central Washington, in particular, increases the fruit's susceptability to cold storage scald. Please let us show you how we can save you money with our DPA Dipper systems!