The Custom Technology Jesperson Bin Filler is a unique, efficient gentle bin filling machine. More sanitary than hyrdo fillers, softer handling than rotary or disc bin fillers, and has a higher capacity than most available systems.


How does it work?? An electric motor provides a steady, constant flow to the bin from the adjustable infeed conveyor. An electronic eye monitors the fill level of the bin and the smooth carriage system incrementally lowers the platform carefully easing the product down the interior sides of each bin. Once the bin filler platform reaches the bottom of the bin, it is retracted while the bin moves slowly forward.


At the end of each bin fill, a gate pivots up from the exit of the infeed conveyor to momentarily stop the flow of produce. The filler platform eases into position under the gate, the full bin is pushed forward, an empty one is moved in its place, and the gate is lowered to resume the flow of product from the conveyor onto the platform. No bruising, crushing, or dropped fruit with our bin filler. Just full, level bins each time!


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