The ability to effectively clean packing bins is important to control the spread of molds and bacteria which can accumulate on bin surfaces with improper sanitation techniques. Custom Technology's Jesperson Bin Washer is a high performance bin washing machine with a fully customizable control panel to fit your processing needs! With the ability to run as many as 100 bins per hour through our bin washer, labor costs are greatly reduced and the effectiveness of your food safety program is increased. Heavy duty, dual epoxy-coated carbon steel or stainless steel construction available.


The process is simple: Gravity rollers feed empty, dirty bins onto the bin washer's chain conveyor which moves the bin into the washer chamber, then the hydraulically-operating doors are lowered to prepare for the wash cycle. A set of squeezes lift up the bin and invert it while numerous high-pressure nozzles force filtered water onto all surfaces of the bin. The cleaned bin is turned upright and lowered while the bin washer chamber doors open, the chain conveyor then guides the freshly cleaned bin onto gravity rollers as the next bin is loaded onto the infeed rollers.


Removable access panels to the bin washer chamber and cleanout traps on both sides of the holding tank allow for total cleaning of the inside of the machine, which is important for food safety. A dirty machine can't effectively clean or sanitize.


Where does the water go? The dirty water which drips from the cleaned bins flows onto a seperating screen and into the generously-sized holding tank; the seperating screen has an automatic rotary brush to continually remove debris, preventing overflow. From there, the water is pumped into a high volume water filter and redirected to the many spray nozzles inside the machine. Almost no water is wasted in the operation of this bin washer, making this not only a cost-effective solution, but an environmentally friendly one as well!