Our M.V.C. (Manual Vacuum Cleaner) is a cost effective, easy to use cleaning accessory to clean your filter's mesh screen without depressurizing the system or disassembling the filter unit. Available in standard sizes from 4" to 10"L, as well as custom retrofit units, there is sure to be an M.V.C. that will work for your situation.


How does it work?? Dirty water enters the inlet flowing through the center of the screen trapping debris on the screen surface while allowing clean water to pass through. When enough debris collects on the inner surface, you'll notice a pressure differential between the high and low pressure sides of the filter indicating that it's time for a cleaning cycle. Simply open the flush valve, slowly and gently turn the handle, the vacuum manifold pickup tubes are moved in a helical motion just below the screen surface pulling debris through the manifold and out the flush port. Once the manifold has reached the end of the pass, close the flush valve and resume irrigating. The unique design allows the full length of the screen to be cleaned in a single pass.