Custom Technology's R.A.B. (Retrofit Automatic Brush) cleaning units are designed to automatically clean your perforated filter screen saving you time and money! As the amount of debris changes in the water source, the R.A.B. automatically adjusts and initiates a cleaning cycle only when needed. Available in sizes 3" to 10"L for the B.I.G., as well as for some of our T.I.G. and G.N.G. series filters.


How does it work?? Dirty water enters the inlet flowing through the center of the screen trapping debris on the screen surface while allowing clean water to pass through. When enough debris collects on the inner surface, a pressure differential is created between the high and low pressure sides of the filter indicating to the pressure differential switch that it's time for a cleaning cycle. The flush valve is opened by the automatic control box, the brush weldment rotates inside the screen surface sweeping debris from the surface of the screen out to the flush port, whereafter the valve is closed. The automatic cleaning cycle allows the full length of the screen to be cleaned in a single pass. Time initiated cycles also available.


Unlike other automatic or self cleaning filters, CTC's automatic brush cleaners feature a generous screen area per the flow rating to prevent overflushing, water waste, and premature wear on components. With realistic flow ratings on our filters, we help you to protect your investment!