CTC Sulfur Burners are an organic, cost effective method to lower soil pH on your farm. Substantially lowers the per acre treatment costs.


We offer four standard sizes to suit your needs, with flow rates up 3000gpm in a single unit! See our full line of Sulfur Burners here.

Proudly manufacturing irrigation filters, pump suction screens, passive fish screens (state and federal fisheries compliant), self cleaning suction screens, drip irrigation filters, industrial irrigation equipment, automatic or manual self-cleaning brush & vacuum filter accessories, Y-Strainers, micro or drip irrigation basket filters, automatic brush boxes, waterboxes, screen boxes, true inline filters, pump and pivot style circle irrigation filter, pipe manifolds, guide rail intake screens, and even clean water holding tanks!!

We also offer sulfur burners for organic soil pH balancing & calcium deposit solutions, produce bin washers, automatic fruit bin fillers, hydrocoolers, chillers, and custom drive-thru non cross mixing DPA drencher systems... and more!

For over a decade, we've installed wheelchair lifts, ramps, passenger securements, docking stations, chair restraints, and repaired wheelchair van lifts, ramps, and more! Why drive all the way to Seattle or the Tri-Cities when we can help you right here? 

Do you have a custom product that you need created specifically for your application?  Chances are that we can do that for you. 

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B.I.G. Series Irrigation Filters are available in standard sizes from 150 to 3200gpm. Steel construction and double-epoxy coating.
These filters are built to last!


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We offer more than irrigation filters! Above is one of our portable hydrocooler chiller units! Completely self-contained. Stationary hydrocoolers also available!


Hydrocoolers broadcast chilled water over produce to quickly cool it ensuring the best produce is available to the consumer. Each hydrocooler is made to order and designed to your specifications!

We work with many manufacturers and vendors to be sure we can find the right solution for YOUR needs.

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